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Fokker E-3


Country: Germany


Engine: 100 HP


Top Speed:83 mph

Weight:1,400 lbs


Developed from a French Morane Saulnier type L purchased by Anthony Fokker, the Fokker "Eindecker" became one of the most feared machines of the early part of the First World War.  Fokker’s design underwent several modifications throughout its development and was at first called the M5. Around the same time Fokker was called upon to develop a method of firing the bullets of a machine gun through the arc of an aircraft’s propeller after a French Morane Saulnier piloted by famed aviator Roland Garros was captured.  Fokker developed his famous synchronization gear system and installed it on a Fokker M5k monoplane, which soon became known as the Fokker E.I.  This aircraft was the first true fighter aircraft of the war and set the stage for a battle of technological superiority between nations that directly influenced the rapid development of aircraft design for the duration of the war.


In October, 2008, our Aero Builder's Club completed building its own  3/4-scale replica Fokker E-3 from a kit. 

Club co-leader Dan Christine flew its successful test flight on October 8, 2008.

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