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Our Mission:

Realizing that the future of aviation lies in our youth, the Illinois Aviation Museum at Bolingbrook is committed to educate, preserve and promote aviation through community involvement.  

Our goal is to increase the understanding of aviation’s historical relevance and future scientific and technological frontiers while enhancing the community supporting it. 

The museum serves as a focal point of educating the community utilizing application-based instruction through restoration and preservation of historically significant military and civilian aircraft.

Our Vision

The museum will bring together our goals and objectives by providing a link to our community:

  • To develop future aviators, astronauts, scientists, and engineers by providing “hands on” technical and scientific experience through programs involving restoration of historically significant aircraft, including the design and construction of experimental aircraft.

  • To supplement related educational programs at all school levels up to and including advanced degrees and advanced flight training, through practical and classroom experience

  • To support and enhance our community with a premier Aviation Museum that preserves aviation history and provides community and business access.

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