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Restoration Projects


Ground Bound


Led by Restoration Director and Museum board vice-chairman, Larry Greenwich, the volunteers of the Illinois Aviation Museum have put hundreds of hours into two major restoration projects in the past few years.  The first project was a T-2 Naval training jet.  You can see it being transformed by clicking on the () button below.

Video courtesy of Larry Greenwich


The Museum's second restoration project was an Air Force T-33 trainer jet.  It was completed and rolled out in 2007.




We now have a third major restoration project underway.  In 2011 the Museum acquired an A4 in need of restoration.  Click here to see the progress of this ongoing project:

Nov. 19, 2011


And while not strictly a "restoration" project, the volunteers have also been hard at work creating a non-flying (or 'ground bound') aircraft to be used during Young Eagles to provide 'flights' for the younger siblings who are not yet old enough to participate in the program.  Made with a riding lawnmower engine, plywood, and custom-crafted and engineered parts, it will also be used at other Museum and airport activities, parades, etc.  

GroundBound in progress



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