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Primary Function: All purpose jet trainer
Contractor: Lockheed

37ft. 6in.

Length: 37 ft 8 in.
Height: 11 ft. 7 in.

15,000 lbs.


Max. two .50-cat machine guns in nose

Propulsion: Allison %.1133 of 5,400 lbs.
Thrust Crew:

Two (instructor pilot, student pilot)



Airspeed: 525 mph
Cruising speed: 455 mph
Range: 1,000 miles
Service ceiling: 45,000 ft.


The two-place T-33 jet was designed for training pilots already qualified to fly propeller-driven air­craft, it was developed from the single-seat F-80 fighter by lengthening the fuselage slightly more than three feet to accommodate a second cockpit.


Originally designated the TF-80C, the T-33 made its first flight in March 1948.  Production continued until August 1959 with 5,691 T-33s built In addition to its use as a trainer: the T-33 has been used for such tasks as crone director and target .towing, and in some countries even as a combat aircraft The RT-33A version, reconnaissance aircraft produced primarily for use by foreign coun­tries, had a camera installed in the nose and additional equipment in the rear cockpit The T-33 is one of the world's best-known aircraft, having served with the air forces of more than 20 different countries for nearly 40 years, Many are still in use throughout the world.


10 Apr 1959

Delivered to the USAF

Apr 1959

To 3800th Air Base Wing (Air University), Maxwell AFB AL (deployment to Carswell AFB TX)

Apr 1968

To 1100th Air Base Wing (HQ USAF Command), Andrews AFB MD

Jul 1968

To 1st Composite Wing (HOC), Andrews AFC

Mar 1973

To 2750th Air Base Wing (AF Logistics Command), Wright- Patterson AFB CH

Jan 1975

To 4600th Air Base Wing (Air Defense Command), Peterson AFB GO

Apr 1975

To 46th Aerospace Defense Wing (ADC), Peterson AFB

Jun 1980

To 46th Flying Training Squadron (Tactical Air Command), Peterson AFB

Nov 1980

To 460th Fighter Training Squadron (TAC), Peterson AFB

Sep 1981

To 48th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (TAG), Langley AFB VA

Oct 1981

 To 49th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (TAO), GriffissAFB

Apr 1986

To Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ

Sep 1986

Dropped from inventory by transfer to US Navy


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